Learn more about sculpting with Romain Van den Bogaert !

Romain Van den Bogaert regularly shares with students his remarkable process to design and sculpt classic portraits as well as fantasy inspired busts, from the basic forms to the finest details.

Students will receive one to one sculpting instruction using various kinds of clays (plasticines or polymer clays).

They also will be encouraged to explore their own styles.


Romain?s courses are tailored for designers working in industries as various as movie, VFX or game, drawers, digital or traditional sculptors as well as hobbyists.

Previous students range from beginners to professional artists.

Prior traditional sculpting experience will help but is NOT required. Romain will adjust his methodology and instructions upon each student’s skill level.

The purpose of Romain?s workshops is to teach students how to follow a structured sculpting process. Various subject are reviewed using educational references and examples: Anatomy, facial expressions, gender variation, aging, composition or dynamism.

Students also learn how to make varied textures (wrinkles, hairs, fur, horns etc. ..). Portrait projects will vary in size from 1/3 to 1/8 to life-size.

Finished pieces are not the goal of the classes though students are welcome to keep any or all of the projects that they have created.



Materials and tools:

All materials are provided for use during the workshop, except tools and lighting setup. Romain offers affordable toolsets for retail, and you can easily secure one prior to the course by contacting Romain here. You can check a picture of this toolset here. These toolsets are strongly recommended, as they are perfectly adapted for the scale and type of clays Romain is using in his workshops.

Cancellation / Refund Policy:

A non-refundable, deposit will be required for registration. Upon deposit receipt, we will confirm your payment/registration via email. If you cancel your registration 3 weeks before the first day of class, deposit is transferrable to the next sculpting workshop. Balance for the workshop will be due onsite.
Should Romain need to cancel the workshop for whatever reason, your full or remaining balance will be refunded to you accordingly.

Group Workshops:

If you think you can gather groups of sculptors and you are willing to organize a sculpture class, please get in touch with Romain (here).

Group workshops are available from 10-14 students.
Small Group workshops are available from 2 – 5 students
Fees: varying depending on workshop location

Private Workshops:

Romain is also available for intense private coaching, tailored to your needs. Please directly contact him. BOOK A PRIVATE WORKSHOP.

Fees: 300 ? per Day + travel and accomodation if needed

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