Romain van den Bogaert is a French sculptor and character designer based in Lyon, France.


His fascination for volumes, shapes and malleable materials manifested at an early age, apassion that was to become a lifelong creative pursuit. Romain completed a PhD on clay structure in soils at “Aix-Marseille University”, and since 2015 has dedicated himself entirely to sculpture, with many of his creations now edited and used by various companies.

Romain?s creations draw inspiration from legends and lost civilisations, his work effortlessly traversing a multitude of cultures and eras while retaining a distinctive unifying style. Many of his sculptures possess a dream-like, otherworldly quality, yet remain strikingly present as each character?s vitality is faithfully captured in their meticulously crafted expressions and animated gestures. Indeed, each sculpture seems to act as a portal to a comprehensive but hidden world, whose richness is hinted at in every impish glance, arch smile, and rictus of mischief. Romain innovatively fuses his sound understanding of ancient forms with contemporary developments in his medium, producing a varied cast of unique characters occupying an enigmatic realm between fantasy and reality.

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