The archivist pack


Regular Range
  • Size:

    100 * 100 mm / 70 * 55 mm

  • Scale:


  • Number of parts:

    6 parts / 3 parts

  • Material:

    Polyurethan resin

In stock

"The Archivist pack" resin cast includes TWO sculptures.

A quantity of resin casts have been pre-produced for this new release and can ship immediately. If the number of casts rapidly exceeds the existing inventory, it will take approximately 3-4 weeks for the remaining orders to be fulfilled. Orders will be fulfilled in the order they are received.
  The quality of the casting reproduces exactly each details of the original sculpture. The design, sculpture and production are carrefully done by hand in Romain's studio.

"The archivist on the run" appeared as I began to review some of my old sculptures desplayed in my studio, notably the "Archivist demon". The design of this character started long ago after a hike in the south of France. During this hike I fall in love with a very old stone sculpture. This old relic was depecting a cherub reading a book. This sculpture was strongly affected by weathering and time. The weathered and cracked limestone gave a weird but still reassuring and mischievious look to the cherub sculpture. The image stuck in my mind and I created this character not so long after I came back to the studio. I recently wanted to deepen the story of this character and make he looks more alive. This time I depected him wandering, lost in his dreamish thoughts.
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